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5 must haves for your dance bag

Written by Miss Carrie

With over 40 years experience within the dance industry, Miss Carrie has highlighted 5 must haves that should be in any dancers dance bag! To get the most out of your dance class, take these top tips on board and fill your dance bag up! Be sure to let us know if you have any additional must haves that should be in everyone's dance bag!

Number 1

Dance Shoes: Ensure you have a well fitting pair of shoes for each style of dance

Top Tip: For ballet shoes, tie those drawstrings where you need them, to keep the shoe snug and comfy on your foot, then knot the string and cut off the excess or tuck away. We don’t want to see little string bows on your shoes. These ties are simply for fit.

Number 2

Water Bottles & Snacks: Hydration Is super important when at your dance class. It keeps your muscles working better and your brain alert when learning new choreography. It also helps your muscles recover quickly after classes.

NOTE: Please don’t ever pack a glass bottle in your dance bag though, as should they break, you could be seriously hurt should any glass shards get into your dance shoes.

Dancing burns energy and we need to replace the lost energy to keep our stamina up. Bring a healthy snack that is light but nutritious. A banana is a perfect dance snack. Please remember, no nuts!

Number 3

Hair Accessories: Hair should always be neat and tidy! This means away from the face so it does not interfere with any movements. It also makes a dancer look more professional and prepared. Here's a list for your hair accessory bag:

  • Hairbrush

  • Comb

  • Clips

  • Kirby Grips

  • Pins

  • Hairnets

  • Hairspray

Number 4

Clothes: Studios can be cold (especially in the winter). You should have warm clothes on top to help heat your bodies up before your classes start. These items are also great for putting on after class, to help those cooling muscles recover easier. Warm cloths include:

  • Onesies

  • Hoodies

  • Joggers

  • Legwarmers

For most styles, your teacher will need to see your body alignment (in particular ballet, jazz, highland and acro), so it is important that your clothes are tight fitting such as leotard and tights or shorts, and a vest/crop top. Extras can include a wrap around skirt for ballet and knee length socks for highland.

If your dancer is en pointe, it’s important to remember your ballet socks and ouch pouch!

For styles such as tap, hip hop and cheer a t-shirt can be placed over the leotard.

Number 5

Notepad & Pen: This is very important for intermediate dancers and above. You will be asked to note down homework, new dance steps, rhythms, corrections and lots of terminology to learn. You can also use the notepad to write down your goals and tick off your achievements along the way.

To get a head start on your perfect dance bag, head over to the T2P boutique and fill up with your must haves today!

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