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T2P / babyballet FAQ'S

What are the term dates?

Our scheduled holidays are 1 week at Easter, 4 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks at Christmas - the dates are announced nearer the time as we try to work inline with the council school dates.

We've finished our 3rd week, what do we do now?

After the 3rd week of your trial, the office will be in touch via email (sometimes this pings into junk folders) inviting you to become a member and with more info on how to do this. This is done on a Monday so if your class runs on a Monday don’t worry if you do not receive your membership email until the following week, you still have a place at class and can attend as normal.

The office is closed, how do I let my teacher know we can't attend?

If you aren’t able to attend your class, a great way to let us know is by leaving a message on our private members page, you can find us here - Alternatively, you can update your absence on the class register through our CustomerPortal app, to find out more about this please contact the office.

How is the direct debit worked out / why do we pay during the summer holidays?

Our monthly direct debit for membership is worked out at 45 weeks of classes (7 weeks scheduled holidays already deducted) divided over 12 months.

How can I keep up to date with news and events?

All our upcoming events and exciting news can be found in several places so you don’t miss anything. Our private members page can be found here, and our school magazine is sent out bimonthly and can be found here.

My dancer is due to move up to the next age group soon, what do i do to organise this?

We organise class transfers in bulk several times throughout the year for dancers due to move up to the next age group. We automatically move dancers up to their closest class where availability allows and try to keep friend groups together, but if you require a different venue or day just send us a message to let us know.

What if my child runs riot?

Don’t worry, we have all different personalities at classes and as Mummys ourselves we have seen it all! Some dancers follow along with every move and others like to run around but as long as they are having fun that’s all that matters. Some children take more time to settle into class but if you have concerns, your teacher is always on hand to help, or you can send us a message at the office.

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