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Where to find us!

We are delighted to teach over 500 pupils per week across our three branches, Motherwell, Baillieston & East Kilbride. 

Check out the venue locations below and visit the timetable to book your three week trial.


T2P Dance studio in Motherwell
Tap 2 Pointe Studios


The Motherwell branch is our headquarters and running since 2013. With its own studio space, all our Motherwell classes run from our T2P home. 

The Village Centre
T2P Dance Studio in East Kilbride


Our most popular venue can be found in East Kilbirde with it being our main hub.

Tap 2 Pointe Studios
T2P Dance Studio in Baillieston


The Baillieston branch is home to our second studio with a jam packed timetable.  

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