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Welcome to the T2P Boutique

Uniform is important throughout the dance industry and has been a part of its long history.  With dance is discipline and whilst we strive to create a fun and energetic class by “dressing the part” a pupil looks like, behaves and becomes a dancer enabling a sense of pride.


Along with this it allows for teachers to work on the pupil’s technique and posture by visibly being able to see and make corrections accordingly.  As a pupil, they will be able to move more comfortably and with great ease.  This will become less of a health and safety risk and distraction as to who is wearing the top trends.


The uniform has been designed with styles and price in mind and allows for children to mix and match – creating their own individual, comfortable look! At Tap 2 Pointe we offer two styles - personalised & dancewear. Check out the link below for our online uniform shop. 


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