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Finding my voice through dance: Gabriella's Story

It was a dreich Sunday morning and the studio was full of laughter, warmth and chatter, as I was joined by Gabriella, mum (Lauren) and grandma for the first interview of our 2024 blog series,

" Empowering Journeys with Tap 2 Pointe".

Hot chocolates where made, tea cups full and a pack of biscuits where shared when we sat down to hear Gabriella's dancing journey, of one little girl who struggled with speech, finding her voice through dance!

A girl wearing babyballet uniform

So Gabriella, you are 7 years old and have been dancing with us for some time now, do you remember how old you where when you started dancing?

I was 4 years old! I asked my mum to take me to a ballet class and I started at babyballet.

(Lauren): I was totally drawn to the pink and blue, how fun it looked and I signed Gabriella up straight away.

It's always great to see our dancers in babyballet, continue their dancing journey and even expand their styles, how many classes do you do just now and what would you say is your favourite?

I do 6 classes, acro, cheer, highland, tap, ballet and jazz. My favourite style has to be highland. I love the dances and my teacher, Miss Destiny. My dancing goal is to be able to dance on the swords from start to finish!

I just love seeing our dancers take part in lots of styles as it really supports them as dancer. Can you tell me what inspired you to go from ballet to 6 classes per week?

It's the different events. Tap 2 Pointe's annual taster sessions, where I was allowed to take part in lots of styles at once and then when I went to my first dance convention, CYD. It was great to try new things and see what I like to do.

A girl performing in a dance show

There are so many opportunities for our dancers at T2P and one of them is our annual

performance, you have now performed in a few and in 2023 starred as Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan performance. Can you give our readers a little insight into the performances and as a dancer, how they make you feel?

I love the shows. Yes, I feel really nervous and get butterflies but I love performing. I love the audience, especially when they cheer and clap, apart from when my mum screams!

Ha! We can always count on your mum in the audience! It sounds like you definitely love to dance but how does dancing make you feel and why is it important to you?

Dancing makes me feel happy all the time. It's the same feeling I get when I am with my family and I think it is important because it's a dance family. It's a place full of kindness and happiness and I can dance and be me! It has helped me to be more confident.

I am so glad to hear how much dancing means to you and how it has helped your confidence. Your mum has mentioned that your school teachers have even expressed how confident you are now. Can you tells us how dancing has helped you become more confident?

I can express myself with my feet and music.

(Grandma): Gabriella has always struggled with her speech and found it difficult at times to communicate, but she comes to life with the music and has found a new way to express herself without having to use speech. It makes her feel like she is the same as everyone else.

A happy girl

Thank you for sharing this part of yourself, and hopefully this will inspire others to use movement as a means of communication. I want to turn to you Lauren and grandma too, what words would you use to sum up Gabriella and dance?

Focused, Confident, Disciplined, Determination, Unstoppable, Respectful, she just absolutely loves it, doesn't matter what style.

Thank you so much for joining me today and before we finish up, Gabriella, can you tell the world what you would like to be when your older?

"I am going to be a ballet dancer!"

A girl in the splits in her dance std

I just loved getting the opportunity to chat with Gabriella and her family and I hope Gabriella's story can help others to find their happiness through movement. If you would love to share your story, please hit contact us.

If you would love to join us at Tap 2 Pointe Dance Company, book your 3 week trial here.

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