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An insight into the real Miss Carrie

Miss Carrie has been a part of our team for 8 years - joining way back in 2014! We decided it was about time we had a sit down with Miss C to find out all about her, her past and what she loves to get up to outside the dance studio!

So Miss Carrie, when did you begin dancing and which styles did you do?

There is actually a story to this! When I was born I had a curve within my spine, known as scoliosis and my legs turned in. At the age of 3 years, my doctor advised me to try ballet to support the legs and hip with turn out. Within 6 months of dancing I began tap and disco which covered modern, street and jazz.

As a young dancer, which style did you love most?

Always ballet! I felt homely in ballet, I was always graceful and this style allowed me to be just that.

Did this have a helping hand in your decision to become a dance teacher?

Yes! At the age of 14 years, I was accepted within the Royal Scottish Ballet and whilst attending I suffered a knee injury. I was then placed in a cast from hip to ankle and told that I wouldn’t be able to walk past the age of 22 years and issued a wheelchair. My career as a ballet dancer had ended at that time and I went down the child care route. 22 years came and went by and I said goodbye to the wheelchair and proved I could walk. When I had the opportunity to teach children I felt it was my calling back to the thing I love whilst incorporating my previous employment in childcare.

Throughout your dance journey, what would you say has been the single best thing to happen?

When I was 14, I went on the television for the first time! A group of girls and I from my dance school auditioned to be on ‘But Can You Do It On TV,’ with Michaela Strachan. We got through and went to Granada Studios to record. Meeting some of the Coronation Street cast members and getting to stay in a hotel! When I went back to school, I felt famous.

What advice would you give your younger dancing self?

Don’t work too hard! I know that sounds bizarre however for me, dance took over my life. I danced every night and day, even my mum helped out at the studio some nights as I was there all the time. Dance took over my life; I didn’t have any friendships out with dance and no other hobbies. I was working to build myself for a career as a ballet dancer, when this didn’t happen I looked back and how much I had missed out.

So in short, I would say, love your dance but have a life!

Is there anyone in the dance industry that you looked up to?

My dance teacher, Andrea. She was a beautiful ballet dancer and danced with the Italian Ballet, she was brilliant. I had a great relationship with her and her daughter (who was a similar age). She felt like a second mum to me. As someone who was striving to be a ballet dancer, I always wanted to be just like her.

Looking at the present, out with dance, what do you get up too?

I spend most of my time with my family, partner Andrew, Molly (12yrs), Caleb (10yrs) and labradoodle, Oakley. I also like being in my garden, it’s very relaxing picking fruit and seeing the flowers grow.

What do you absolutely love about your job?

First and foremost - The children! Their smiling faces and seeing the fun and joy that I have and had at that age in them all. I also love being able to share my passion for dance.

A massive thank you to Miss Carrie for sharing a little of her life with us all! We have loved learning about Miss C's journey as hope you do too. Miss Carrie runs babyballet classes 5 days a week and also teaches the fabulous Tap 2 Pointe intermediate dancers.

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