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Celebrating your Mother Figure!

As Mothers Day nears, I think it is only fair that we take the time to appreciate the Special Mother figure in our lives.

Now as we all know Mothers have a special ability to just know when you are having a bad day, to cook like none other and support us when we don’t always believe in ourselves. BUT, what those who are not in the dance community do not realise is that our Mums are SUPERNATURAL SUPER HEROS! They are Hair stylists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Seamstresses, Nutritionists, Mumagers and occasional dance teacher all in one!

Growing up I started in one class a week and my mum would give up a half hour here and there to accommodate my dance class. However, as I grew so did my love for dance and one half hour became an hour, and that one class a week became three! Soon enough, her weekends were no longer safe - there was not a chilled weekend in sight as she drove me from class to workshop to competition up and down the country.

I know now from adult conversations with my mum that she would choose to take me to an event over a day or night out with friends at the weekend. “I would love to but the girls have dance” became a weekly occurrence. Her closest friends became other dance mums and weekends away in hotels away from the Dads became their “nights out”.

And although my Mum gave up almost 20 years of her life to become my personal chauffeur, when asked she said she wouldn’t change it for a minute as seeing my Sister and I doing something we loved was more important to her than anything else. I have always admired my Mum but in that moment she solidified legendary status for life… haha.

Be sure to squeeze your Mother figure extra tight today and let them know just how appreciated they are - they truly do deserve it!

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