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Dancing Through December: A Reflection and Celebration

After what can only be described as a fantastic year here at Tap 2 Pointe, Chloé our Marketing Coordinator sat down with Founder and Director - Miss Charlotte to take a minute to reflect on achievements and challenges faced in the past year, talk about a few memorable highlights and share Tap 2 Pointes vision for 2024.

Let's dive right in…..

Okay Miss Charlotte, looking back at 2023, what would you consider to be the most significant achievement for Tap 2 Pointe?

Oh definitely the performances. They just get better and better each and every year. I would say this year's summer show 'Let's Go To The Movies’ was our best summer show to date and this year’s Winter Ballet was just as if not more magical than I had hoped. .

However, I would also say the recognition our school has gained this year. Knowing that it is up there with other schools and being recognised within the industry is something I and I know our team are very proud of.. 

Did you or the school face any challenges in 2023 and if so, how did you overcome these?

I would say the biggest challenge for me this year would have to be running a business when your personal life is not going according to plan. As many of you will know, Tap 2 Pointe is like my baby and I have found that trying to take a step back is not possible. When you maybe are not feeling 100% you cannot just take a sabbatical from a business.You will always be involved or needed in some way or another. 

However, being able to rely on and trust Miss Carrie was a fabulous support as she and the team really rallied together and stepped up to help with the running of the business.This really allowed myself and my family to take the time we need and subsequently come back to run the business when I felt ready again.

There have been so many events this year including performances, conventions and other dance related opportunities. Which one would you say you were most excited about and why?

I would have to say the summer show. For about a month before the summer show I had manifested how I was going to feel afterwards, how I wanted it to run and so on. I am notoriously known for being quite a stress head at shows and so I really wanted to work on that this year. 

Standing in the wings on that day I just remember that feeling of pleasure, pride and not being stressed for once. I was excited to see how having a change of mindset would support the school, the dancers, team and the general running of the day. 

Every company has its own set of ethics and values, what would you say Tap 2 Pointe aimed to convey in 2023?

Our main ethos and goal is that every person can dance, they just need the opportunity and I would say that is very evident in what we have aimed to achieve this year. We have welcomed and supported many new dancers as well as our current students. We have worked on helping dancers to perform at events, build their confidence and self esteem, and make new friends.  


Again, reflecting back on this past year, are there any lessons learned and/ or insights gained?

That I do not need to be in control for things to have a positive result. Being able to step back and let the team run elements of the school and bring their own creativity, thoughts and effort to something has allowed for growth and an improved atmosphere within the school. 

Looking forward now to 2024 What would you say is Tap 2 Pointes, vision, and focus for the upcoming year?

My word for this coming year is empower. 

I want the team to feel empowered, I want them to feel like they can bring new and creative ideas into the school. I think with this new lease of less control, it will allow for that.

I want our dancers to continue to feel empowered to build that confidence and to achieve those difficult steps and to challenge themselves. This year we've had a lot of dancers, who have suffered with anxiety and stress, and even depression. I think that it's really important that we empower them to accept that mental status, but also to work through it to better themselves in a healthy way.

And finally empower the community that we've built so that our dancers can continue to strive, improve and grow. 

Is there anything you are excited about that is coming up next year?

LONDON BABY! Tap 2 Pointe is going on a very exciting road trip to London (a little further than Glasgow!). I am very excited to spend a dance inspired weekend with our intermediate and Senior dancers. CAN YOU DANCE? Is back, we are excited to have our dancers attend this fabulous event again. We also have a few new things launching for the school - Tap 2 Pointe ambassadors, performance teams, optional examinations and of course, we have our 2024 Summer Show!

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