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Tip Tap Toe: International Tap Month

​​With International Tap Month in full swing, it’s time to celebrate the joy and thrill of tap dancing!

The much loved Tap dancing we know today is an art form that has been around for centuries having evolved from various different styles. Historically tap dancing can be traced back to the early 19th century where the African-American community began performing their own versions of Irish and English clogging dances for entertainment in clubs and cabarets. In its youth tap dances were performed in an improvisational style and often incorporated steps and rhythms unique to each individual dancer.

By the 1920s, tap dancing began to take on a more structured form, as dancers began to use specific techniques and choreography. For example the popular style ‘hoofing’ was created and popularised by famous tapper Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson in the 1940’s / 50s. From then Tap dancing became a regular appearance in Hollywood musicals with performances from Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly continuing the dance forms' rise in popularity. Tap dancing has really gone from strength to strength with whole musicals now dedicated to the style. Have you ever seen Singing in the Rain?

Today, tap dancing is still popular and many modern tap dancers have taken the art form to new heights, combining traditional steps with modern rhythms and music. Tap dancing continues to evolve and remains an important part of the dance community.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and imaginative way to express yourself and get active, why not give tap dancing a try this International Tap Month? We at Tap 2 Pointe and babyballet Lanarkshire Central offer classes from the age of 3 right up to Adult and each class is filled with smiles and laughs.

Check out our timetable today!

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