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T2P Boutique sells uniform and merchandise in the Tap 2 Pointe range

Get your hands on T2P uniform! 

With over 30 Tap 2 Pointe classes to choose from, Tap 2 Pointe offers a wide range of dance styles.

Find out what classes we have on.

With two dance studios in Baillieston and Motherwell, you can hire for your own activities.

See our locations available for hire.

Why Tap 2 Pointe? 

Tap 2 Pointe encourages all dancers to take part, grow and learn whilst having fun, making friends and staying healthy. 

As challenging as it can be to find the right dance school, we are often told that we are more than a dance school, we are a dance family. 

We dance together, perform together and have fun! 

Join our family today at Tap 2 Pointe. 


Unlimited classes at Tap 2 Pointe

Try unlimited classes when you book our three week trial. 

What do the grown ups say?

babyballet Twinkle's Tots (41).jpg

My 3 year loves the tap 2 pointe class she attends. She asks all week is she can go. She practically runs out the door on a Friday evening.  Would highly recommend the classes, there fun and don’t put too much pressure on the kids.


My daughter has been with Babyballet since she was 2 years old. She’s now 7 and has attended Tap 2 Pointe since it was founded. She just LOVES all of the teachers and she can’t decide which class she loves most.. tap, ballet, highland or hip hop. The skill, respect, manners that she learns will last a lifetime... as will the friendships. I am so proud of her and all of her friends when I see their progression every time they perform. I’d highly recommend Tap2Pointe to anyone who wants to be part of a dance family.

9 (486).jpg

Skye loves her Tap 2 Pointe class and it has brought her so much confidence.  She adores Miss Laura who is the loveliest bundle of fun and energy.  She’s like a best friend to all the girls.  I think Skye’s smile in the photo here says it all.

babyballet Lanarkshire Central is a part of the babyballet franchise and runs for children aged 6 months - 6 years.
bbodance syllabus is taught at Tap 2 Pointe
The team at Tap 2 Pointe work hard to ensure they can communicate with everyone.
UDO syllabus is taught at Tap 2 Pointe
SDTA syllabus is taught at Tap 2 Pointe
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