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Give a dancer the right shoes and they can conquer the stage!

Dance like most art forms requires a great deal of skill and technique. Much like a good painter needs the right brushes to paint, dancers need the right shoes to dance. In order for dancers to perform their very best it is important to wear the correct and well fitted shoes. Wearing the wrong dance shoes or inadequate ones can lead to injury, poor technique, or even long-term damage to your dancers feet.

Which shoes you need for dance class will vary depending on the form of style you are doing. Every type of dance shoe is designed to provide the support, flexibility, cushioning and shock absorption needed for each style. For example, ballet shoes should be made of soft leather or canvas material that allows your feet to move freely.

Unfortunately, shoes that are too tight can cause blisters and other foot problems, while shoes that are too loose can cause you to slip and fall. It is also extremely important to ensure that your shoes are well-maintained so that you / your dancer is provided the support and protection their feet need while dancing. Worn out dance shoes increases a dancer's risk of injury.

TIP: Cleaning your dance shoes regularly can improve their longevity.

Make sure you take the time to find the right shoes for your dance class and take care of them to ensure that they last.

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