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How to Survive your First Dance Class

When your child begins clubs and classes it can be both an exciting and daunting experience and this top tip is here to guide you and your dancer through your first dance class.

As a dance school principal for a preschool dance department, catering for over 500 dancers aged 6 months - 6 years, I have had the pleasure of teaching and chatting with many grownups, families and dancers. On day one, some dancers can be full of beans or extremely shy, grownups can feel nervous or unsure. This is all completely fine! Check out these tips for you and your child on how to survive your first dance class.

Top Tips for Children

  1. Your teacher is lovely: If the school is anything like ours, we spend a lot of time recruiting the right teachers who don’t just have dance experience but also previously worked with children. It takes a magical person to work with children and your teacher will be just that!

  2. You're not the only one: Everyone had a first day at some point and they will know exactly how it feels. Depending how old you are, your teacher might arrange for a buddy within class if your grownup is to wait in the waiting room. Your buddy will be a great dance friend and will show you around the studio.

  3. Have fun: This goes without saying, you are at dance class to learn a new skill, make new friends but most importantly to have fun! Enjoy it.

Top Tips for Grownups

  1. Don’t Make it a BIG deal: When my youngest child was preparing for primary school, the health visitor advised not to speak often about school, not building up as this big and scary place “your starting BIG school soon” which is what we so often do. A child so small will paint a big picture and their imaginations will take care of the rest. I think this goes with any club or class. Of course, chat about it, let them know they are starting but save the rest for that all important chat, after the first class!

  2. Remember - every child is different! Gone is the past where dancers were all expected to act and dance the same, especially at such a young age. Don’t put pressure on yourself or your dancer if they don’t jump in and dance like others. I can’t possibly say for other teachers, but I know I love to have lots of different characters and personalities within class, it makes it fun and definitely more interesting!

  3. Get involved, if you can: Depending on the age of your child, you might be welcome to join in. I know for us, we welcome grownups up until 3 years and we love to see them join in the fun! It makes dance class more than just learning a new skill but also makes it a magical bonding experience. You know what children are like, the more silly you are the more fun they have. Let your imagination go wild and join in.

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