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If at first you don't succeed, try and try again: Our 3-Week Trial

Have you ever attended a class to have your little one glue themselves to your leg and refuse point blank to take part? You know they will love it if they give it a try but it’s getting the foot in the door that can often be the challenge.

Does your child take time to settle into a new environment? They get super upset and you already know they are going to cry on day one.

Or is your child full of beans? You just don’t know how a class is going to go down? Will it be too structured or not structured enough?

We are often asked if we do one free class and we always say, no!

Children take time to settle into a new environment and a dance school is no exception. Instead of offering one free class, we offer a 3 week trial course and here are a few benefits from taking part and completing a 3 week trial course.

  1. Time: It gives your dancer time to settle into the class and get used to the environment. If your child is incredibly shy or full of beans, the 3 weeks allows the time to relax into the environment which in turn allows for you to gauge how much fun they are having.

  2. Progression: In only 3 weeks, you will begin to see your child picking up the exercises and steps, even if they don’t take part in class. Some of our children like to show what they have learnt at home. During the 3 weeks, you can start to see children dance their exercises from week to week.

  3. Get to know us: Of course during this time, the teacher will get to know your child, but it also gives time for you and your child to get to know the teacher, their teaching style and also the school. You will see their ethos and communications too!

So if your dancer is due to start their very first class, give the full 3 week trial course time, push past week one and you never know…. It might be a class that lasts a lifetime!

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