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Meet Miss Holly

Miss Holly is new to the babyballet Lanarkshire Central and Tap 2 Pointe teaching team! We are very excited and lucky to have her on board and would like for all of our dancers and grown ups to get the chance to find out a little more about Miss Holly's dance career!

When and why did you begin your dancing journey?

I first attended dance class when I was only 2 years old! By about age 6 I knew I wanted to pursue performing and dancing and all things artsy! My journey began fully at high school age when I joined a performing arts school- this nurtured and shaped me into the performer I am today, giving me the tools to jump into the arts!

How many styles of dance have you done and which would you say is your favourite?

I have trained in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, commercial, acro , highland and tap! My favourite would have to be tap dancing, it was the very first style I tried when i was a tiny 2, since then I’ve grown to love the intricacies of the sounds and moves that go into tap dancing. I also find it soothing to be able to have such a structured style to count out as I dance (while being able to feel totally free!) - we tap dancers also like to make it look easy when its actually very hard!

Just like pointe dancing, which comes in a very close second.

Was there someone or something that inspired you to dance?

My love for musicals was a major inspiration! Aside from that I was inspired by Adam Garcia- he made me want to have feet as talented as his! I was lucky enough to be able to take a dance class with him a few years ago.

What are you most proud of as a dancer?

My proudest moment as a dancer would have to be the places it has taken me. I’ve performed in Disneyland Paris, but most proudly I took part in a broadway showcase! It was an incredible experience I will treasure- as well as being able to take a few dance classes in Broadway Dance Centre where the likes of Lady Gaga train!

Why did you decide to go into teaching?

I decided to go into dance teaching as I wanted to be able to be a part of the moulding of little characters into great dancers! I know how much my dance teachers meant to me growing up, how much I learned from them, and parts of them that I took with me, making me into the dancer I am today! I LOVED the idea of being able to be that person for someone like young me.

What do you get up to when you aren’t in the studio?

When I am not in the studio I am usually out shopping or socialising!!

You’ll also find me performing gigs at the weekends singing in pubs, for events, for weddings and much more. Lucky me :)

Thank you to Miss Holly sharing a little more about her dancing background! We hope you enjoyed finding out more about Miss Holly, we sure did!…. Who would you like to hear from next?

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